Nail Services

Blonde Tiger is strictly by appointment only. Please check availability and book online for your convenience!


Gel Polish Services

  • The Blonde Tiger Gel Manicure

    Nails are shaped and cuticles gently tidied in preparation for application of LED-cured gel polish (I use Luxio by Akzentz and Light Elegance gels). Followed by application of cuticle oil and hand cream.

    Choose from over 120 colours – polish lasts up to 2 weeks! Subsequent removal of gel polish applied by me is always free of charge. New clients requiring gel polish removal, please book the 15 minute gel polish removal in conjunction with your first manicure booking.



    40 minutes


  • Luxe Tiger Gel Manicure

    Same as the Blonde Tiger Gel Mani with an exfoliating coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt scrub and relaxing hand massage with shea butter hand treatment. For those times you need a lil’ extra pampering.


    50 minutes


  • The Blonde Tiger Pedicure

    Calluses are buffed smooth with a series of diamond files and treated with a cosmeceutical-grade enzyme peel. Feet are then soaked in a mint and tea tree aromatherapy foot bath and exfoliated with coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt scrub. Toenails trimmed, shaped, and cuticles gently tidied. This is followed by a relaxing, moisturising foot massage, then finished with your choice of gel-polish or traditional polish.*


    *My demand for traditional polish services is low, so I only keep a couple of dozen basic colours on hand (as opposed to my 100+ gel polish colours). You are welcome to bring your own nail lacquer, which I’m happy to use with my own high-quality Lumos base and topcoat that dries in under 10 minutes. You’ll need to bring open-toe shoes to wear post-pedicure if you opt for traditional polish.

    50 minutes


  • The Blonde Tiger Mani+Pedi Duo

    Have the two most popular treatments in one appointment- the Blonde Tiger Gel Manicure and the Blonde Tiger Pedicure.

    Full service descriptions above.


    1 hr 30 min


  • Gel- X Extensions

    I’m so excited to offer these revolutionary soft gel nail extensions by Apres Nail! These full cover tips are made of gel, not plastic, and adhere to the natural nail with gel. No glue, no filing, no dust. Tips come in round and square, but they can be customised to any length/shape and finished with your choice of gel polish or regular polish. The end result is a beautiful thin nail with the strength of a traditional sculpted acrylic or gel extension.

    Most clients get 3-4 weeks of wear, and the best part is – no refills! Gel-X soaks off in 15 minutes, and then can be reapplied  – or not! This is the perfect way to have long nails without the commitment and the damage to your natural nails.


    1 hr 15 min


Natural Nail Services

  • Blonde Tiger Naked Manicure

    Find out how good your nails can look in their naked, natural glory!

    Nails are shaped and cuticles are gently tidied. After your hands are treated to a macadamia oil sugar scrub, the nail plate is carefully buffed smooth with a soft buffer and jojoba oil to reduce ridges and bring out the natural shine.



    You may choose to finish this service with a nail colour at no extra charge, however as I predominately use gel-polish, you are welcome to bring your own colour (I keep a dozen basic colours on hand) which I am happy to use with my own high-quality Lumos base and topcoat that dries in under 10 minutes.


    40 minutes


  • IBX Naked & Strong Manicure

    Have you always wanted stronger, healthier nails without gels, wraps, overlays, or daily applications of smelly nail hardener? Well, the IBX in-salon strengthening treatment is for you!

    As a Natural Nail Growth Treatment

    • IBX Repair is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth
    • IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth
    • With multiple treatments fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate
    • Natural nail color and appearance improved
    • The best part -nothing is left on top of the nail that needs to be removed later!

    This service proceeds exactly like the Naked Manicure, except that prior to tidying the cuticles,  IBX your nails and you’ll sit for a minute with a small heater gently warming your hands, allowing the product to penetrate the top layers of the nail. IBX is then cured in the LED lamp, and this process is repeated twice more. We then proceed with the rest of the manicure. Let me stress – there is nothing left on top of your nail – it has been strengthened from the inside out, and you can see and feel the difference immediately!


    (You may finish this service with a nail colour -see Naked Manicure description above)

    55 minutes




Acrylic Nail Removal + Nail Rehab


Regretting those thick acrylics you were pressured into getting at your last bridesmaid gig?  Let Erin comfortably and gently remove them, then rehab your natural nails with the Naked & Strong Manicure. Add gel polish for only $10 extra $85 – 1 hour 15 min

Gel Polish Removal Only


If you just need that ancient gel polish from another salon removed, I’ll remove it quickly and safely without causing damage to your nails. If you have SNS, please book the Acrylic Removal+Rehab service above – SNS is an acrylic product and takes MUCH longer to remove in a safe and gentle manner.

20 minutes $25




Nail Art

Nail Art is offered for gel polish options only!

Glitter – At Blonde Tiger, we love glitter so much, it’s always FREE! Customise your mani or pedi with a micro-glitter fade. Dozens of colors to choose from!

Most of the nail art I offer takes no more than 15 extra minutes, so please make sure you have a look at my Instagram to see if my style is right for you. Nail art options include glitter, metallic foils, and simple hand-painted designs (lines, dots, reverse French, negative space, etc). If you would like to request a design you found online, please contact me via email so that I can let you know if it’s within my abilities (if it’s not, I’m happy to refer you to another nail tech).

The Blonde Tiger Gel Manicure + nail art  55 minutes $70