About Blonde Tiger

Blonde Tiger doesn’t believe in prescriptive beauty. Nothing you request is ever judged as “tacky” or “boring”. Long, glittery nail extensions or a short, nude nail are equally gorgeous.

Blonde Tiger is where all of your nail questions are answered. We know you don’t work in this industry and probably haven’t done a bunch of research into nail salons. All of the terms and products and treatments can be confusing. Your questions are always answered with patience and consideration.

Blonde Tiger is for clients who want their appointment to be a fun, relaxing experience. You’ll never be nagged about “you should come in more often”, or “look at the state of your feet”, or “you need to buy these 38 products right now or your nails will fall off”.

Blonde Tiger is for everyone from the weekly I-need-new-nail-art-or-I-start-to-die-inside client, to the monthly same-colour-every-time-mani/pedi client, to the holy-shit-I’ve-got-a-summer-wedding-to-attend-I-need-my-yearly-pedicure client. There is no rule as to how often you “need” your nails done.

Blonde Tiger is for anyone who has ever had a scary experience in an unsanitary salon. You’re encouraged to ask questions and educate yourself about the standards of a hygienic salon so that you know what to look for elsewhere in order to protect yourself.

Blonde Tiger is for clients of any gender, size, shape, or ability. We are thrilled to be located within a wheelchair-accessible salon.

Blonde Tiger is also obsessed with glitter, but promises not to get any on you if you really don’t want it. But we can’t promise not to be a little sad about it.

Erin Margrethe is the American manicurist behind Blonde Tiger. She’s been doing nails for so long, she still has the practice nail art she did in beauty school in 1993. Erin has done nails everywhere from high-end day spas to country-town beauty parlours to cruise ships on the high seas. She’s been doing nails in Melbourne for 8 years and is embarrassingly passionate about educating people on nail health and safety, as well as keeping up on all of the fun (and sometimes frightening) trends in the nail industry. Erin loves answering questions about nails, so please feel free to drop her an email!