NYT Exposé on NYC Nail Salon Working Conditions

By now many of you have read (or are aware of) Sarah Nir‘s amazing investigative piece on the human price of cheap manicures in NYC. Journalist (and my client) Clem Bastow spoke to me extensively about what the NYT piece means here in Australia. Click below to read the full article at Daily Life.

Erin is adamant that manicure fans shouldn’t see reports such as Unvarnished as being about the quality of manicures or potential dangers to clients. “It is about the exploitation of subsistence workers in the personal service industry, and how we as consumers have come to expect these services to be cheap, fast, and convenient,” she says. “I have been saying this for years: if you are getting a service that cheaply, someone is being exploited.”

This is a subject I have been talking about for years, and I’m thrilled that people are finally listening. We are slowly becoming more aware of making ethical choices about many consumer goods – so why should manicures (and the entire beauty/personal service industry) be any different?

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